Our Testimonials

I have known and worked with JJK Contracting for a couple of years in the residential Construction industry. JJK Contracting is a pleasure to work with and has a tremendous gift for understanding the science of construction and how a house should come together. They pay close attention to detail in their work, in addition to their commitment to delivering a quality product.

- Jerome Jenkings

We were very satisfied with the closet you built for us. Getting the quote was quick and the price was pretty painless I must say. Your staff was great, they started on time each day and worked efficiently. We are so happy with the way it turned out, and you can bet we're recommending you to our neighbors!

- David Richards

Your team was very helpful. They provided us with excellent design idea and color suggestions and gave us all the information and time we needed to make our decisions. They definitely helped make our project go much more smoothly. They have an eye for design as well as the project management and problem solving skills that would benefit any project.

- Anna Dean

I was lucky to meet Mr. Kennedy when I wanted to add a closet in the second bedroom. He and his team did a terrific job and almost three years later, I had the need for additional changes in my home. Living in a rental apartment, changes must be made within management guidelines. I wanted to make better use of the space in my bedroom and ONeil listened to my idea and helped create a terrific new, airy space. Very grateful that he was willing to do a small job that makes such a big difference to me. Now we are going to work on some safe modifications to spaces that recognize that older folk do shrink and need things done to keep independent living as safe and secure as possible. Looking forward to what we do next.

-Jean Green Dorsey

At JJK Contracting we thank all of our clients that go out of their way to say a few words about our company,products and services. We are looking forward to all our customers comments and suggestion.

Thank you.

Oneil kennedy