About JJK Contracting

A little back story – I am a new “home” owner and I am so so grateful I found JJK Contracting. I had a different contractor to work on my floors before JJK contracting, they went through the whole board approvals with me only to ghost me afterwards. I spent days / weeks chasing this other contractor to keep me posted and get me the info I needed and for them to disappear was disheartening, they really set me back on my renovations.

When I messaged JJK Contracting – I felt like such a priority! They have a clean and great communication system, I never felt ignored. I really appreciated how Kennedy and Oliver communicated with me every step of the way in terms of refinishing my floors. They answered all my questions (and as someone who is super new to all of this) they never made me feel dumb asking what I wanted to ask.

They exceeded my expectations in so many ways! They worked very quickly on my floors and was respectful to me and my space. They completed the task in two weeks (and that includes board approval time) which got me slightly back to speed on where I wanted to be in my renovations so I super appreciate that! I also thought a final visit / walk through of the space to ensure the quality of the work that was done, I haven’t seen that before and thought it was awesome!

Work that was done: I had my floors refinished, with a golden brown stain and a satin finish.

Bonus : When I saw some bubbles on one of my floors, they came to fix that which was an above and beyond move to me.

All in all – the team that works here is stellar and I would 10/10 recommend them to anyone I know and will consider them for future projects I have hands down. If you need anything done to your space to look fantastic, do not hesitate to reach out to JJK Contracting!